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The Supramonte highland and the coast are extraordinary places for anyone who loves excursions. The rugged form of this territory has the scope for countless itineraries and you can choose to approach the same locations with differing degrees of difficulty. The Ghivìne Cooperative guides suggest the following itineraries for visits to the Supramonte and the Gulf of Orosei:


Daily Excursions



Gorropu gorge

Gorropu is an enormous gorge resulting from an ancient tectonic displacement that has been eroded by the river Flumineddu and rain and wind. It has cliff faces higher than 400 metres (1,300 feet). This excursion starts from Dorgali and goes first through the Oddoene valley. After crossing the bridge called Sa barva the route runs along the Flumineddu to the entrance of the gorge. Rich vegetation lines the sides of the road. Inside the gorge the excursion follows the bed of the river that now flows underground and surfaces every now and then, as for example at the spring at the entrance to the gorge.

Returning from the walk, you will be given a light packed lunch of local products.

The path is difficult only in the final part of the gorge, and the most interesting part is at the entrance because if allows you to see the highest gorge faces in Europe. 

The cost of the excursion covers the ticket to the site, lunch, and transport by four-wheel drive vehicle.




In the heart of the Supramonte of Dorgali, visitors can take time out in an ancient cave that long ago fell in to create a dolina or natural depression in the summit of Tiscali mountain. Inside this dolina, probably during the final Nuragic Period, a village was built and today you can see the remains alongside the rock walls of the site. The village is completely hidden from view until you get inside.

The microclimate, the atmosphere in the cave and the colour of the limestone make this place unique and unforgettable.

Starting from Dorgali, the site is approached first by four-wheel drive and then on foot. The road winds through the Lanaittu valley to the base of the mountain. From there you walk up a very interesting path with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and the valley. After a walk of about 1h 30min you reach the hidden village.

On the return trip you visit the original entrance of the cave Sa Oche and finally stop at the spring called Su Gologone, the most famous in Barbagia.

The cost of the excursion covers the ticket to the site, a light packed lunch of local products, and transport by four-wheel drive.



Cala Luna

An alternative way to visit the beach of Cala Luna is to start from the locality called Buchi Arta, which is reached by four-wheel drive along a scenic route. Here you can admire the beautifully made huts of goatherders, still used today and surrounded by a rugged and unspoiled landscape.

From this point the beach can be reached by foot from Scala s’arga, a path made by charcoal burners a long time ago. You walk along a rocky valley called Codula di Ilune with continuous views of luxuriant vegetation.

At the beach you will be given a snack of typical local products. You can decide how long to stay on the beach and the journey homeward will be in a rubber dinghy at a time fixed by you.

The cost of the excursion covers the site ticket, the snack of local products, and transport by four-wheel drive vehicle and rubber dinghy.



Montes Forest (Orgosolo)

The excursion to the Supramonte of Orgòsolo is a must for those who want to get in touch with traditions in the heart of Sardinia.

Starting from Dorgali in a four-wheel drive you will arrive at the town of Orgòsolo. From here journeys go through the state forest of Montes. Access is allowed only in authorized vehicles: please note that a day’s notice is necessary in order to receive permission. The drive includes the localities of Funtana Bona, Monte Novo San Giovanni (1316 metres) and traditional shepherds’ huts. All transport is via four-wheel drive vehicle and takes in one of the most interesting and best-preserved natural environments of the whole island.

The excursion includes a Sardinian shepherd’s lunch with lamb and roast pork, served in the shade of evergreen oaks. Before returning to Dorgali your excursion takes in a visit to the town of Orgòsolo and its famous Murales.

The cost of the excursion covers lunch and transport by four-wheel drive.


Campos Bargios – Nuraghe Mereu

We begin this excursion in a four-wheel drive heading towards Genna Cruxi along the 125 road. During this panoramic run in the valley of Oddoene and past the gorge of Gorropu, stops will be made for taking photos. At Genna Cruxi the road continues towards Campu Oddeu and subsequently Campos Bargios. Here we take a path that allows us to visit some fine examples of traditional goatherders’ huts, and nearby a beautiful specimen of the conifer Taxus Baccata (yew). We will visit the small lake of Pischina Urtaddala and descend to Sa giuntura where we cross the Flumineddu river and begin going up to Nuraghe Mereu, which is noted for its finely-squared limestone blocks and its position dominating the Gorropu gorge. This excursion takes around 6.5 hours and involves a climb of 800 metres.

The cost of the excursion covers a picnic of local products and transport by four-wheel drive.



Corrasi mountain

This is the tallest peak of the local Supramonte and its elevation of 1436 metres gives a 360° view of the territory and the Gulf of Orosei, set in a “lunar” landscape that in fact contains botanical varieties of considerable interest. We go by four-wheel drive to Oliena and Monte Maccione, heading for Scala Pradu. From here we begin a circling walk that brings us back to the four-wheel drive vehicle, completing an excursion of about 5 hours through an unspoiled area.

The cost of the excursion covers a picnic with local products and transport by four-wheel drive.



Archaeological itineraries 

Many combinations are possible for archaeological itineraries that take in the heritage of the Dorgali region and the broader island of Sardinia. We offer themed itineraries that satisfy the demands of even the experts who know a great deal about Sardinian archaeology, as well as of course the visitors who are just starting to see the most important sites on the island. 

Departures are from Dorgali for the following itineraries:

  •  Nuragic architects: Nuragic village of Serra Orrios (Dorgali), Giant's tomb s'Ena 'e Thomes (Dorgali), National Archaeological Museum of Nuoro, Nuragic village of Su Romanzesu (Bitti), Sacred spring of Su Tempiesu (Orune).


  •  Dorgali: (combination of these sites, all day or half day): Nuraghe Mannu (Cala Gonone), Nuragic village of Serra Orrios (Dorgali), Giant's tomb s'Ena 'e Thomes (Dorgali), Archaeological Museum of Dorgali, ethnological Park and Museum of s'Abba frisca (Dorgali).



Trekking over two days

Supramonte excursion: 

Visited territories: Oliena, Orgòsolo, Urzulei; 

Lanaittu - Tiscali - Doinanicoro - Su Suercone - Nuraghe Mereu - Campos Bargios 

This excursion lets you detach from everyday life over two days as you visit some of the most interesting areas where the hinterland of our island is wild and best preserved. The route goes along old paths created by charcoal-burners and goatherders who grazed their flocks here until about 50 years ago, leaving signs of their life up to this day. During these two days we pass by the high archaeological site of Tiscali, the highland of Doinanicoro at about 900 metres altitude, Su Suercone (the largest dolina or natural depression in Europe), a section of the untouched forest in the Supramonte of Orgòsolo, Nuraghe Mereu, and Campos Bargios. These places are far away from urban areas and give you optimum contact with nature during the day and peace and quiet when retiring in the evening to a tent and bed.

The cost covers insurance and transport in four-wheel drive to the place where the walking excursion starts and finishes.



Excursion between the sea and the mountains: 


Visited territories: Baunei, Dorgali. 

Margine - Bacu Urutzò - Cala Sisine - Onamarra - Cala Luna - Buchi Arta (2 days) 

The coastal part of this itinerary has some of the same character as inland itineraries in following similar paths, but the difference is in the extraordinary panoramas of the sea after we cross the "codula" (stony valley) through luxuriant vegetation while seeing stone arches sculpted by wind and rain.

A brief description of the route: the first part of the path goes down towards a fine arch in natural stone and then to the final section of the codula of Sisine for about an hour’s walk to the beautiful beach of the same name, Sisine. Then, the path goes up again in the direction of Cala Luna to a place called Onamarra and its traditional goatherders’ huts, in which we will spend the night. The following day the path descends again to the beach of Cala Luna and after a long break here, we go up again toward the area of Buchi Arta where the four-wheel drive picks us up.

The cost covers insurance and transport in four-wheel drive to the place where the excursion starts and finishes.



Excursions by boat


These excursions are in the Gulf of Orosei along the coast from Cala Gonone to Capo Monte Santo. 

In one day you see the beautiful beaches south of Cala Gonone that otherwise are reachable only by sea or on foot, and you visit the cave of the Bue Marino (Monk seal).

In a rubber dinghy we reach all the bays heading for Cala Goloritzè, a natural monument and an attraction for free climbers who come from across the world to experience the high rock needle standing over the beach.

We offer these services:

  •  excursion along the Gulf of Orosei including visits and stops at all beaches arranged with the driver of the rubber dinghy;


  • transport to and return from the different beaches. If you want to return home on foot because you’d like to go trekking or free climbing, or stay in one place all day, please advise us.




Approaching the discipline of canyoning is not too demanding when you are accompanied by an experienced guide, whose primary task is to ensure safety in all areas, from the equipment such as belts and ropes to the choice of methods, natural and artificial, that should be used.


The Codula of Fuili is a good training gym for anyone who wants to begin descents by double rope, and it’s an opportunity to visit a very beautiful stony valley with not too much effort. To give full attention to the needs of all, each guide will take a maximum of five people on this excursion. In the summer months, we recommend you bring a bathing costume and a towel for a swim in the waters of the equally beautiful beach, also called Fuili. 

Badde Pentumas:

The descent of Badde Pentumas is a good excursion for lovers of canyoning. Once we reach the valley of Lanaittu we go up to the high area of Sovana and continue to the mouth of the canyon. There are little ponds inside the gorge in springtime. The excursion with 14 descents on double rope takes in 600 metres during one day. 

And there are many other descents, breathtaking but also more difficult. When you know what you can do and what you want, we will be very pleased to take you with us...



Free Climbing

If you want to know the most beautiful places to free climb in the Supramonte you can turn to us; we can give you the best suggestions so you can quickly find the most interesting site for your demands. 

Among our services offered, we can accompany you to reach the cliffs in a short time.



There are many other possible itineraries in the Supramonte and the Gennargentu. We can help you arrange these according to your demands, interests, and ability.