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Items in the Archaeological Museum of Dorgali were found in its territory and are dated between the final Neolithic (3000 BC) and the Middle Ages. They document the activities and customs of the people who lived in this area.

In the pre-nuragic era (before 3000 BC) we have evidence of the use of the coastal cave system called Bue Marino and the 54 mainly single-cell “domus de janas” (tombs hollowed out in rocks).

Objects come from smaller and fewer ancient villages in the south of this mountainous region, and from northern centres, bigger and in greater number due to their land being more suitable for agriculture as well as for exploiting clay and metals. Among these latter villages, Serra Orrios is especially interesting.

The presence of Romans is shown in items from shipwrecks and from inland areas.  

A particular characteristic of the Middle Ages is revealed in the way caves and shelters were used for burials.




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